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Boo! From haunted houses to pumpkin patches, Americans love an excuse to dress devilishly, eat decadently, and spook each other relentlessly. Halloween is a day that celebrates life by honoring the ghosts of the past. Click the skulls on the map below to discover America's neighborhood of Halloween festivals and events from Cincinnati to Seattle. And for more dastardly destinations, click our full list of events for a complete selection.

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Anoka Halloween
October 22 - October 31, 2005
Anoka, MN

This 80 year old tradition started with George Green who organized the first Halloween parade in 1920 to keep locals from making mischief on Halloween. As the event grew, George petitioned Congress, and the city was officially sanctioned as the "Halloween Capital of the World".

The entire town goes mad for Halloween, from a house decoration contest to a youth Halloween dance and even a children's pumpkin carving contest.

There are three parades, too. A Night Parade, a Kiddie Parade and a Grand Day Parade. For everyone who loves to have fun on Halloween, this longest running city Halloween event is a must!

Contact Information:
Phone: (763) 427-1861
Email: info@anokahalloween.com
Website: http://www.anokahalloween.com

Haunted Newport
The book started it. Haunted Newport by Eleyne Austen Sharp caused so much interest that the author came up with the idea to create an event called Haunted Newport Week. It would celebrate Halloween, and help extend Newport's tourist season.

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The origins of All Hallows Eve can be traced back to Samhain - the dark half of the ancient Celtic calendar. The pagan ritual involved three days of festivities celebrating the synthesis of the living world with that of the dead.

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