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Bridge to the World
Bridge to the World
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Late January
Florida is the bridge to all media cultures of Hollywood, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. For this reason, the Florida Media Market (FMM) was created as an annual market for film, documentary, television and media deal making, which aims to fortify the industry both in Florida and internationally. The idea of FMM first emerged in 2006. The FMM is not only a live platform, but also an online resource that allows independent filmmakers to pitch their ideas and meet buyers, distributors, and production companies allowing them to negotiate their content in a virtual way with executives. FMMs Sixth Annual Global Film & Media Conference will take place in the prominent Shelborne Hotel in Miami Beach, January 30 to February 3, 2013. FORMAT DAY COMPETITION Rules and Regulations for the 2013 FMM-SCTVF Formats and Ready for Distribution Competitions: The 2013 Florida Media Market, FMM, in partnership with SCTVF, the Sichuan TV Festival, and LGMA, is hosting the first International Formats & Ready for Distribution Competitions scheduled from January 30th-February 3rd, 2013 in Miami. Four for Formats: •Format Day Scripted •Format Day Non-Scripted •Format Day Scripted Women •Format Day Non-Scripted Women Six for Ready for Distribution: •Ready for Distribution Movie •Ready for Distribution Documentary •Ready for Distribution TV Shows •Ready for Distribution Movie/Women •Ready for Distribution Documentary/Women •Ready for Distribution TV Shows/Women Each category will be subdivided in English speaking entries and Spanish speaking entries. Additionally, there will be a Chinese speaking Formats competition. All information on the Sichuan TV Festival website In each one of these TEN categories, a special prize will be attributed to the entry that best promotes the needs of each of its target audiences. •A fee of $75 is due upon submission. •FINAL DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: November 1, 2012. •A fee of $100 is due upon submission. •Fees Payment is online, by credit card following the indications described on the entry form. •An additional $30 administrative fee will be charged to both early bird and final entries when candidate will wish to pay by check, bank draft, or wire transfer. •Please contact filmmaker@floridamediamarket.com to make this special arrangement. •Fees are non-refundable, including fees paid for ineligible or duplicate entries. Please confer with co-producers prior to entry •The entrant must be the original writer or one of the original writers •In case of co-writing, the partners should decide who is the entrant to avoid duplicate entries. •All material submitted must be COPYWRITED at www.copyright.org or www.wga.com or www.egeda.com •Duplicate entries will not be refunded. •It is the entrant’s responsibility to choose the category which best fits the entry. Each entry will be judged in the category selected by the entrant. FMM-SCTVF organizers urge each entrant to ensure that each program is ente
Shelborne Hotel

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