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Rimini International Choral Competition
Rimini International Choral Competition
Rimini, Italy
Early October
The Rimini International Choral Competition will take place in the “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea” from 29 October to 01 November 2009. The Choirs Contest does not want only to put the Groups in competition but it intends to present to the audience the characteristics and the diversities of every choir and repertoire. All in the beautiful setting of this ancient Roman city, well-known both for the beauty of his beaches and for the remains of a gorgeous past. Last year over than 18 Choirs came in Rimini from any place in the World to compete and present repertoire. The Rimini International Competition includes three normal Classes (A, B, C) and a special Class (D). The competing Group may participate in a maximum of three normal Classes. The Competition is restricted to Groups whose members are aged over 10 years. A - Equal Voices (male or female – Adults and Youth) Choirs B - Mixed Voice (Adults and Youth) C - Chamber (open to female, male, mixed and youth entries of between 4 and 16 voices) D - Choir of Choirs Competition (the winners and runners-up from each of the classes, A, B, and C must be prepared to compete in this class).
Choirs from all over the world
Theatre Ermete Novelli
Concerts and Competition on afternoon and evening
Admission & Parking
The parking is near the Theatre
+39- 347 2573878

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