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Sankofa Multicultural Festival
Sankofa Multicultural Festival
Houston, Texas, USA
Late June
SMF (Sankofa Multicultural Festival) was created to honor and showcase the accomplishments of people seeking to trace their roots or have cultural ties to Africa. In raising awareness to the contribution and achievements of African entertainers in mainstream America music, NGO, Cultural diversity Programs and movies, Fashion SMF came to Life. SMF's purposes is for promoting entrepreneurial inclinations amongst people of foreign heritage, especially Africans, African Americans and all international bodies by networking through formal and social functions and most importantly applauding members of such community that have proven their prominence through their support, contributions, and accomplishments in the Business, Education, Organization, Gospel & Entertainment Sector.

Participate in SANKOFA - the journey through Time.

The event will consist of live performances by artists, fashion shows, awards, and presentation of scholarships that can be sponsored by your company and by our company, a fund raiser for the campaign against illiteracy and poverty in Africa & the Niger-Delta Giving back Campaign and a whole lot more. There is a need to applaud and instill the necessity of capitalism amongst our people. There is a need to celebrate our cultures and embrace our roots and that need is NOW.

Every African yearns to attain the African dream – the young, old, college students, professionals, companies, groups, and associations. However, they have not had the means of pursuing this dream until the introduction of Sankofa Festival. A multicultural platform for all ethnicity who seek to explore, trace & embrace their roots.

The International festival is going to be the likes you have never seen; from deep cultural display to surprise supermodel, artist & celebrity appearances. The performance Concert will be exciting as well as the theatre arts and dance from the Great Benin Kingdom. This event is aimed at people of diverse age ranges with a relatively mixed audience comprising of the youths and adults alike.

SANKOFA - going back to our roots so we can better align our path to a brighter future. Sankofa Festivity is committed to being a good steward of the community and a fan of development project that helps Africans, African Americans and People of Color worldwide.

The 3rd Annual Event is set to wow everyone. With over 198,000 visitors to the website since May 1st, the event is getting all the attention. Two of the Largest African TV Networks has endorsed the event and will be covering Sankofa. Your Company should join in on this culturally arousing journey and this tracing your root Campaign Festival. Support finding your Roots; Support the Campaign against illiteracy & poverty in Africa & the Do something positive in Africa campaign. Affiliation with Sankofa also says to the world that your company cares about the relationship that you have with African Americans, Africans.

Gina Yashere - from Caribbean - a Uk based Comedian to host the show
Sammie Okposo - dubbed African Kirk Franklin
Edo-delta cultrual troup and many more
5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Admission & Parking

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