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Cosmic Carnival IV
Cosmic Carnival IV
Lake Isabella, California, USA
Mid March
We are SO elated to offer you COSMIC CARNIVAL IV, PASSION PLAY!!! http://www.phenovibe.com/carnival/tickets.html This is a 1920s themed event, a carnival whisked through time and space! Was it one of the many powerful resident mystics, or the strange metaphysical technological devices? Or are we being pulled through the fabric of the universe to where ever we are needed or called by those ready to walk between the worlds? We dont know, but its a hell of a ride!! This time were going BIGGER and making it a weekend event!! Giving US the opportunity to create a TOTALLY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE for you!! Giving YOU the chance to LIVE IT COMPLETELY, in a supportive, loving, and safe environment. Where you can REALLY let go and EXPLORE the outer reaches of YOUR BEING and the UNIVERSE! So come dressed and ready to PLAY! As ether a 1920s character of your choosing. Someone from the technological future as they imagined it in the 1920s (Google art deco futuristic, the movie Metropolis, Tesla, ray gun gothic, ie. http://techno-noir.jedi-hobbit.net/scifi/raygun.php ). Or an other worldly creature like a fairy, nymph, satyr or unicorn. Use your imagination!! As always, we have MANY ways for you to get SUPER high and tapped in. Life-altering MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES in the realms of LIGHT, for instance (a personal favorite). Through SOURCE ACTIVATIONS like, meditation, Tantric dance, and Tantric soul sex! Every different kind of yoga imaginable! INSPIRING PERFORMANCES, demonstrations and workshops! Bizarre TECHNOLOGICAL WONDERS that whisk you to the other side and back, or rejuvenate you, or both! Raw food, fresh juices, tonics, elixirs, potions and concoctions of all sorts!! An array of gifted HEALERS, mystics and psychics! Amazing MUSICAL ADVENTURES, and of course DANCING your ass off! We are SO lucky to be hosted by an absolutely BEAUTIFUL retreat on an ENERGY VORTEX, in a gorgeous piece of NATURE!! It truly is the PERFECT place to walk between the worlds, in a totally LUSH and OPULENT environment! The retreat offers some rooms for those who want the vip packages, which includes access to the POOL, JACUZZI and SAUNA!! Since there are limited rooms, we will offer a certain number of camping packages that also include access to these facilities. But for those who prefer to be cradled purely in the arms of Gaia, there is ample camping near the action, or on the other side of the river running through the 100 acre property. Portos and water spigots for all, and plenty of nature to explore. Or just relax by the little lake next to the retreat itself. There will be warm indoor places to LOUNGE and CUDDLE as well as a DEDICATED YOGA STUDIO with free classes and workshops running all day and night! This is a CLOTHING OPTIONAL event, and a SENSUALITY POSITIVE environment!! We want you to be free to EXPRESS your self on every level. But PLEASE do so with RESPECT and ETIQUETTE to those around you. This is a SAFE and respectful environment of
Daniello Imagika Om KSandra & Wiley C Hyjynx Yo Rider Dmitri Purple Karishtan
170+ acres of private land
Admission & Parking
$99 - $147

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National Talent Search Charlotte
Concord, North Carolina, US

featured performer
Maria Esther Lovero

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