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Legacy Wealth Planning Seminar
Legacy Wealth Planning Seminar
Waterloo, New York, USA
Early November
The seminar is FREE, but reservations are required. Please call us at 585-374-5210 or online at www.mrobinsonlaw.com. THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE AREN’T THINGS. We couldn’t agree more. In this revealing seminar, we will show how traditional estate planning has been failing American families. The aftermath of these “bare bones” estate plans has been the loss of assets, financial devastation and resentment within even in the closest of …families. Wealth is not just financial. What will happen when you are gone? Traditional estate planning’s goals include: 1. Protect material wealth from Probate and taxes 2. Transfer estate to beneficiaries In addition to those traditional goals, we will take a deeper look at the real-life issues facing families today… 1. Disability for either spouse – long nursing home stays can be financially devastating 2. Your surviving spouse remarries, has creditor problems or has an accident and is sued 3. Your children and or grandchildren go through divorces, re-marriages, have lawsuits or creditor problems 4. Passing on your personal values and heirlooms – who gets mom’s pearl necklace or Grandma’s pie plate? Legacy Wealth Planning provides protection for all of your concerns and goals. You owe it to your family to learn more by attending this special presentation!
Holiday Inn Waterloo
Tuesday, November 5, 2013 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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