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International Youth Peace Culture and Arts Festival
International Youth Peace Culture and Arts Festival
Kampala, Uganda
Late April
The International Youth Peace Culture and Arts Festival (April 23rd – 26th, 2014) will unite all international youth who aim at making peace through culture and Art devoted to healing, cultural exchange, Peace Building, Art, and sustainable development. The festival is a sustainable peace movement where cultural, religious and personal differences are respected and celebrated and our humanity is acknowledged as the thread that unites us all. The Festival offers young people, sometimes for the first time in their lives, a direct experience of what it means to live in unity and peace, free from fear and violence. Many of the youth who attend have experienced extreme poverty, religious persecution, child labor, gang violence, abuse and neglect some have witnessed the atrocities of war and have literally run for their lives many have been uprooted from their native cultures and struggle to integrate into an entirely foreign world. All of the youth who attend are given a space to completely be themselves, a space to heal, a space to share their stories, a space to be heard, a space to be celebrated and a space to be empowered. Through the Festival, the youth come to realize that sustainable peace begins within, recognizing that in order to create peace in the world they must first find peace within their own hearts At a time when the world seems increasingly violent and polarized along the lines of faith, nationality and political belief, there is a need for people, especially youth, to connect to each other and the world around them on a deeper, more compassionate level. The International Youth Peace Culture and Arts Festival addresses this need by uniting the diverse youth of the world so that a foundation of understanding, acceptance and compassion can be created, nurtured and shared by our next generation of international citizens and leaders. The Festival invites youth to become active participants in an International community, connecting and collaborating with peers from all over the world, opening doors of understanding, respect, and friendship between young people of all faiths, cultures and nationalities. The International Youth Peace Culture and Arts Festival challenges and inspires youth to honor differences, explore commonalities and create One society united by values of love, respect, honesty, community and service. The Festival serves as a space where people from all walks of life can connect with each other on a human-to-human level, celebrate unity in diversity, and share in a living experience of peace. Activities and discussions provide the youth with tools for conflict-resolution, heart-centered communication, compassionate response, and peace-focused leadership. It is through this sharing that the youth create friendships that broaden their international awareness and ignite their innate capacity for compassion. The youth are encouraged to put their compassion into action and rise up in service to those wh
Culture Performances will include • International culture fashion show • International culture music and drama performances that promote peace • International culture show • International culture musicians Art Performances will include • Art pieces that promote peace and love
Admission & Parking
Registration fees: • International Participants $50 for 4 days • Rest of Africa $30 for 4 days • East Africans includes Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda $15 for 4 days Exhibition: This will include Culture exhibitors, Art Exhibitors. • Exhibiting for 4 days $45

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