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Celebration for 2008 Beijing Games
Celebration for 2008 Beijing Games
Inglewood, California, USA
Mid August
The Same World, the Same Dream – Cheers for the 2008 Beijing: A large-scale music and dancing celebration party. One hundred years of Olympics, and one hundred years of dreams. The 2008 Olympics will be held in Beijing, China. This is what millions of Chinese have been longing for. China – Walking to the worldwide scene! China – Opening its arms to the five continents!

In order to welcome this great moment in history, we will present “The Same World, the Same Dream – Cheers for the 2008 Beijing” large-scale music and dancing celebration party.

The grand celebration party will be held in The Forum at Los Angeles, United States on August 11. The Forum was once the Olympics forums in 1984, which can accommodate 18,000 people. It is the very first time that a Chinese celebration party will be held in this Forum. We will invite performing artists, sports celebrities, cultural celebrities, business celebrities and political figures to attend this event. There will be thousands of artists performing in this celebration party. It will be full of grandeur and strong sensation of enthusiasm! The flower drums played by hundreds of people will hit the highest pitch! There will be more than a hundred artists playing the violin and the Guzheng in the band. S.H.E – the most popular and the hottest Chinese girls’ trio, will be there. Witty comedians will be there, and a nearly one-thousand-people chorus will be there! Three Chinese tenors will also perform at the celebration party. There will be hundreds of dancers and largest-scale national martial artists performing at the celebration party. The 8- year-old Erhu artist and the 6-year-old singer from Nanjing Little Flower Performing Troupe, who have been praised by both President Hu Jingtao and President Bush, will also perform at the celebration party.

This celebration party with quyi, musical, dramatic, and choreographic works represents the essence of contemporary art and traditional art. This celebration party has received great attention and support from all over the world. This celebration party is sponsored by China Intercontinental Communication Center, CCTV Performing Center and A&A Art Center, with assistance from many Chinese and American media. CCTV, Shanghai Dragon TV, Phoenix Satellite TV (US), China News Service (CNS), Xinhua Net, and NBC will broadcast and have special coverage on this event. CCTV will broadcast this celebration party to millions of Chinese all over the world.

Taping in Inglewood Forum slated for worldwide audience.
China’s CCTV and Southern California’s A&A Art Center have announced the staging of a pre-Olympic event at the Inglewood Forum on August 11, 2007. The two hour production titled “One World One Dream One Celebration” The Celebration for Beijing 2008 will feature over three thousand performers in a multicultural display.

S.H.E., Three Chinese Tenors A, Wei Song, Mo Hualun, Zhang Jianyi, B, Wei Song, Cheng Zhi, Dai Yuqiang; famous comic star Jiang Kun; National First-level conductor Bian Zushan; Zhou Yini and Wu Yifan from Nanjing Little Flower Performing Troupe and so on!

Chinese Star (???)
Talk Show (??) (?? with American Star)
Tree Tenors with orchestra (?????: ???,??,??, ??????)Conductor(???)
Acrobatic Fighting; Wushu(Gongfu) (????)
Celebration Drum(????)
Music Instruments(??????)
Chorus with orchestra (???, ??????) –Jasmine(???),B9(???9)

the Forum
3900 W Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90305

From The 405 Exit At Manchester And Head East.
From The 110 Exit At Manchester And Head West.
Sat 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Admission & Parking
Parking fee varies per event.
3,500 spaces at location.

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