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The Courage
The Courage
Fort Payne, Alabama, USA
Early October
The Courage exists: to heal the broken hearted, to remember the forgotten, to bring hope to the hopeless, and courage to the weak. DeKalb County, Alabama is a place in need. They saw the highest death toll in Alabama during the massive tornado system outbreak in April 2011, and in so many ways – are still recovering emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Although there is beauty everywhere in its surroundings – it’s people have a high poverty rate, a high depression rate, rampant drug use and hundreds of stories reflecting their broken hearts and lives. We believe that God has called us to start a spiritual revolution in this place, at this time, for a purpose. Our prayer is that there will be a movement of God’s grace so that the broken hearted are healed, a resistance to sin will increase, and all the people will live passionately for Christ.? Our heart is to bring a worship environment to the Fort Payne community through praise to our Father and community service. The Courage Worship Event is designed to create this environment for a constant 72 hours. During daylight there will be optional community service groups going out at each hour all day and worship will continue throughout the day and night. The Courage exists to heal the broken hearted, remember the forgotten, bring hope to the hopeless and courage to the weak. This event is so much more than a time of praise and worship. It is a chance to serve the people of DeKalb County who are in need. Our hope is that you will come to join us.
Shane and Shane Big Daddy Weave Unspoken Chris August Bread of Stone Leeland Against the Downpour Derek Johnson John Tibbs David Walker For His Reward McKenzie Lockhart Four Rivers
Twilley Fields Event Grounds 13675 Alabama Hwy 176
Thurs, 12:00 pm - Sun, 12:00 pm
Admission & Parking
Free admission, but tickets are required and can be found on itickets.com. Parking is free and on location.

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