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420 Cannabis College Seminar - How to start a mari
420 Cannabis College Seminar - How to start a mari
Pasadena, California, USA
Mid October
Class locations and details are given after completion of enrollment. 420 Cannabis College seminars puts you in front of real attorneys who specialize in medical marijuana law that have helped hundreds of people to open marijuana businesses. Our professional instructors are teaching YOU information they would gladly charge you up to $2,500 to get privately! All this AND THE PROPER FORMS NEEDED TO START YOUR COLLECTIVE AND ALL OF IT FOR $250! What - are we nuts? It only costs 10% of the fee an attorney would charge? NO - we are COMPASSIONATE and We can provide this QUALITY OF PROFESSIONAL BY LEVERAGING THE GROUP DYNAMIC IN OUR 2 DAY LIVE SEMINARS. We care that you have access to QUALITY - UP TO DATE - RELEVANT information so YOU CAN MAKE EDUCATED DECISIONS TO ENTER THIS INDUSTRY! When so many have the same questions - it just makes sense to hire the best and we can all benefit from the time spent exploring what we ALL need to know! [By-the-way | 420 Cannabis College allow offers private workshops and confidential 1-on-1 programs!] One of the greatest asset of all, YOU NOW HAVE FRIENDS IN THE INDUSTRY - you can call us back with any and all questions that you have and well be glad to assist you, as much as we can. We are NOT LAWYERS, ACCOUNTANTS, BANKERS, INSURANCE AGENTS, AGENCIES OR YOUR MOM - but we know professionals that can help - and your Mom is going to love that we are steering you in the right direction! This is a terrific opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting a legitimate business in medical marijuana to get over the scary questions - to find some reliable support and to make clear decisions. Not to mention, all the extras that youll get such as the professional medical marijuana growers info, medical marijuana cooking instructions, edible and concentrate recipes, connecting you with people who are already in business to help you along. Handouts to take with you - Basic start-up paperwork, membership agreement, authorization to cultivate, authorization to transport, volunteer time sheets, strain & product evaluation forms, inventory management forms, volunteer med check-out forms ACCESS TO OUR 420 CANNABIS COLLEGE GRAD ALUMNI WEBSITE ONLINE ACCESS 24/7/365! EVERYTHING IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS to refer to if you need a refresher - anytime - you will have all the instructions in detail written for you and most of the forms that youll need to file, an up to $1,500 value and saving you valuable time. The classes will be held at the cities indicated below in the calendar. Class locations are available only to students who have filled out the enrollment form.
420 College
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