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Wild Wild West Fest Live Music & Arts Festival
Wild Wild West Fest Live Music & Arts Festival
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Late April
The WILD WILD WEST FEST is the home festival of the Tucson-Based Funk Rock Reggae Fusion Jam Band 8 MINUTES TO BURN. The Thematic Question that guides festival activities is “What would the American West be like, if the days of the Wild Wild West had not been ended by an industrial revolution? All activities and events associated with the festival are interpretations of participants relative to this theme. The myths of that time have translated into gun advancements, brothels, taverns, ranching, live stock breeding, resource trading, jails, apothecaries, traveling salesman, gypsy shows, circuses, blacksmiths, market trading places, hospitals, mineral assessors, post carriers, telegrams, precious gems, burlesque and much more and the goal of this festival is to capture that imagination in the artistry brought forth by participants. 8 MINUTES TO BURN has chosen to align their home festival with the FaR OuT Band&Fan Jam Network, which is a network of bands, festivals, and other events that prescribe to two basic principles put forth by FaR OuT Band&Fan Jam Founder, Jack Rice. FaR OuT PRINCIPLE I. THE FESTIVAL IS FOR THE MUSIC. Therefore, the music is the most important aspect of FaR OuT Festivals and relatively all musicians agree to be treated as equal channels and hence compensated equally for their gifts. FaR OuT PRINICPLE II. THE FESTIVAL BRINGS THE BAND AND THEIR FANS CLOSER TOGETHER. Therefore, all bands agree to the same accommodations as their fans. FaR OuT PRINCIPLE III: “Every Band and Every Fan Deserves Respect!” 8 MINUTES TO BURN combines these three principles along with other principles borrowed from other major festival communities such as the facilitation of the GIFTING and EXCHANGE ECONOMY, SUSTAINABILITY, RADICAL PARTICIPATION, RADICAL SELF-RELIANCE, and LEAVE NO TRACE to create the community atmosphere of participation for the Wild Wild West Fest. To show their commitment to sustainability, 8 Minutes To Burn has chosen the TERRASANTE COMMUNITY as the official home of The WILD WILD WEST FEST. It is a diverse neighborhood range of eclectic individuals, families, and nonprofit groups who often collaborate on issues of community, sustainability, permaculture, healing, art, esoterica, and spirituality. TerraSante is a Latin word meaning Sacred Earth.
* The Magic Beans * The Christopher Robin Band * The Missing Parts * 8 Minutes To Burn * The Haymarket Squares * Mikel and Meridith of The Sugar Thieves * Top Dead Center * The Hardways * The Higgs * Summit Dub Squad * Rockslide Jones * Mojo Farmers * Back Porch Pickers * Elder Grown * Adey * Cadillac Mountain * Planet Jam * Leila Lopez * Cowhouse? * Brian Mariner * Moon Bunny * 7th Sound * Randy & Friends * Jyotis * Tygel Pinto * Michael Svenson * Quantum MeKanics
Harmony and Health Ranch @ TerraSante
See http://www.azwildwildwestfest.com/
Fri, 2:00 pm - Sun, 10:00 pm
Admission & Parking
$30/$40/$50/Parking in Dispersed Camping Area Adjacent To Venue

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