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End of the Mayan Calendar-Beginning of the New Era
End of the Mayan Calendar-Beginning of the New Era
Palenque, Mexico
Early December
Clarifications, Invitation & End of April 2009 Update The main event at Palenque, Chiapas - Mexico will last the entire month of December 2012 and the central feature of that (and all Sister Events world wide) is the Circle of Silence for World Peace and the Healing of The Mother Earth on the exact timing of the change of the Eras on December 21st, 2012. The Circle to begin one half hour before and proceed one half hour after. The exact timing will be announced as it is determined to be the correct/precise moments astrologically, e.g. when the Earth sits exactly centered between the Sun and the center of the Milky Way (our galaxy). It can be assumed that the 31st, being the end of the Gregorian Calendar year, will also be a major celebration for the New Year. Sister Events world wide are all to be independently organized and will last whatever lengths of time the Focalizing/Coordinating Councils of those events determine what is feasible their groups, though probably last minimums of one week and some may even last longer than a month. All, of course, will center on the 21st of December as the main day. There are no limits as to the size of events, from small local ones of however many people take part, to larger regional, national/cultural and continental ones. Thus allowing people of all means to attend/co-create these events, for as we all know many are limited by funding, health reasons, personal life commitments, travel ability/inability or restrictions of travel by various governments (inability to obtain passports and/or visas), etc. On the latter, it would be hoped that such restrictions become a thing of the past as we, the people of one world, do not wish these separations/divisions to continue and recognize that we all share this planet as our common home and the patrimony for all who live upon it. I do hope that this clarifies things. If further information is needed please feel free to inquire as to whatever specifics may be in doubt, albeit this whole project will continue to evolve between now and December of 2012 to include all positive and viable alternatives which folks would like to see as parts of it all. We encourage people to come together in Councils around the world that will add their parts towards the most well rounded vision(s) which we will carry into the New Era in pursuit of creating their realities in tangible ways. And also that they do so in the here and now so that when it all transpires we can all present our best efforts as realities in the making. Thank you for your participation in co-creating the realities and hope to see you and all as significant parts of the change. Ultimately it is going to take over 6 billion of us to make it happen and fix the problems which we see immediately around us in our living habitats. We can and indeed must be that change, for all life upon the Mother Earth depends upon us doing our parts. Walk in Peace Rainbow Hawk P.S. The full text of the Invitation and Up
Lists of performers is under development.
4 sites around the Mayan Ruins of Palenque
To Palenque, Chiapas - Mexico with the directions posted on our website and web pages, as well as being available in town.
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Tapon Springs, Florida, US

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